Administrator Role

An Administrator is generally the person who has created the project and will manage project settings, set roles, and permissions.  The administrator role has access to everything within a project.

Default Role Permissions

Limit access by Category: No

Cost Permissions

Cost display options: Show markups allocated, Show markups separated, Direct costs only

Feature Permission
Milestone estimate direct costs details Admin
Milestone target budget details Admin
Item/option direct cost details Admin
Estimate markups details Admin
Item estimate template Admin
Estimate cost subtotals View Only

Project Permissions

Feature Permission
Project details Admin
Team Admin
Permission templates Admin
Categories Admin
Project terminology Admin
Project units of measure Admin
Project currency / Rounding display Admin
Timeline Admin
Report distribution Admin
Report notes Admin

Milestone Permissions

Feature Permission
Milestones Admin
Milestone attachments Admin
Draft milestones (other users) Admin
Draft estimates (other users) Admin
Metrics Admin

Item and Option permissions

Feature Permission
Items, item import, and options Admin
Schedule impact Admin
Milestones and events Admin
Categories Admin
Assignees Admin
Status Standard
Attachments Admin
Comments Standard
Draw activity View Only
Item integration activity Standard
Share draft items/scenarios Admin
Publish draft items/scenarios Admin























Note: The permissions of the Administrator role cannot be edited.