Markups Display Settings

Learn how to control the way markup costs are displayed

Cost totals can be calculated and displayed in several different ways depending on the selected display cost setting. Cost totals are displayed in the cost summary in the project sidebar, the dashboard charts, the Item list, the Milestone page, and reports.

Display Costs Settings

There are three different ways costs can be displayed in Join. To switch between these settings, click the Display costs drop-down in the project sidebar and select the desired setting.

  • Show markups allocated - Markups are included in all cost summaries and allocated pro-rata into estimate costs. Only markups with the box checked in the Allocate column of estimate tables will be allocated. All others will be shown separated.
  • Show markups separated - Markups are included in all cost summaries but are not allocated and are displayed separately from direct costs. This ignores whether the box is checked in the Allocate column of an estimate table.
  • Direct costs only - Markups are excluded from all cost summaries and only the direct costs are displayed.

Project Administrators can control which cost settings are available in the drop-down list for other users based on their role. For more information, learn about Roles and Permissions here