Join Insights

Executives and key stakeholders can view portfolio-level insights to help you more accurately track project health and make better, data-driven decisions for their business.

What is Join Insights?

Join Insights provides portfolio-level insights allowing for real-time visibility into the true health of your business, from design into preconstruction.  With Join, you can unlock insights from project data that spreadsheets can’t give you.

What does Join Insights show?

Join Insights presents analytics across three major sections:

  • Portfolio Insights - A segmented view of projects in Join and their trends

  • Decisions - A summary of upcoming, due, and overdue Items and their cost impact

  • Activity - Recent activity across your Join users, Items, and projects

Tip: Hover over the  icon for more information about each chart

Which projects are displayed?

Join Insights includes analytics across all projects in your company. This includes any projects a user at your company has been invited to by users outside of your organization, such as Joint Ventures. 

Tip: Use filters at the top of the page to narrow down the projects displayed in the charts

Access to Join Insights does not automatically grant you direct access to a project in Join. However, projects you do not have access to will be included in your insights, provided a user within your company has access. Direct access to a project is still managed on a project-by-project basis through project invites. 

How do I get access to Join Insights?

Reach out to your Account Manager to request access to Join Insights for your company. Not sure who your Account Manager is, email and we’ll get you connected.