Built-In Reports

Out of the box, Join has nine built-in reports that are aimed to help the team succeed with the project. These reports can be customized and shared with team members.


Dashboard - Active Milestone

The Dashboard is both a tab that you can navigate to but also a report that can be saved, edited and shared. By launching from the Built-In Reports section the default Cost Trendline will show the active milestone. The Estimate chart will be grouped by UniFormat and the Items chart will be Grouped by Status.

Cost Trends By Category

The next report is a cost trendline breakdown of the project by category. You can pivot the information around any of the Custom Categories you have in your milestones. All three values will be represented here with the Estimate, Running Total, and Budget. This is a powerful graphic to see trends across the project by category to realize things such as escalation or scope shift over time.

Items List - Active Milestone

This report will take you to the Items list for the Active Milestone with the standard filter set. The Items will be sorted by Item Number and no Group By will be applied. This is a great report for checking the overall potential of the current milestone and a global view of Items independent of their status.

Items List and Details

The Items List and Details is similar to the Active Items list except that the PDF print feature on this report will allow you to print out the details of the Items along with the summary list. This report can also be accessed under the Items tab with the export button as the second Print option. 

Milestone Summary Report

The Milestone Summary Report is a flexible platform for updating teams on cost. The chart can be grouped by any categorization to break down the cost and the list can represent the unique hierarchies of each project with the default grouping of UniFormat Level 1 followed by MasterFormat Level 1. For more detailed information on this report check out the Milestone Summary Report article. 

Item Costs Summary

A variation of the Milestone Summary Report the Item Cost Summary will represent the Pending, Accepted, Incorporated, and Rejected Items in the Active Milestone. This is a great way to see how the costs of each Item are broken down by the selected categorizations. 

Active Milestone Estimate

The Milestone Estimate is the cost input for the project amount complete with Direct Costs and Markups on the project. If you want a snapshot in time or to export the estimate you can download this as a spreadsheet (.XLSX) to use. 

Active Milestone Budget

The Milestone Budget is the cost input for the project amount complete with Direct Cost and Markup. If you want a snapshot in time or to export the budget you can download this as a spreadsheet (.XLSX) to use. 

Variance Report

The Variance Report is a powerful tool that can compare any two values (Budget, Estimate, or Running Total) from either the active milestone or a previous milestone. For more detail check out the Variance Report article.