Report Notes

Include additional context to your reports by adding notes.

Adding Notes to a Report

Notes can be added to line items of the Milestone Summary report, the Variance report, and the Contingencies and Allowances Draw report for additional context. To add notes to one of these reports, follow the steps below:

  1. Run the report and finish customizing the layout
  2. Save the report using the report  button in the upper right corner
  3. Hover over the right-hand side of the list section of the report and click the left arrow  button to expand the notes column
  4. Hover next to the row you want to add a note to and click the Add a note button
  5. Enter a comment and click Add or press Enter on your keyboard

Note: When you add a note, they are automatically saved to your previously saved report so the report does not need to be resaved each time you add notes.

Editing Notes

After adding notes to a report, they can be edited or deleted by clicking the options button to the right of the note and selecting either Edit or Delete. You can also quickly edit a note by double-clicking it.