Milestone Overview

A Milestone is a significant point in time that occurs during preconstruction, typically coinciding with a new issuance of new contract documents. It can also be a point in time to draw a line in the sand, true up decisions made, and rework an estimate in the same drawing set. These points in time are captured as Milestones in Join and contain estimates, budgets, attachments, and Items tied to that Milestone. 

Milestones Page

The Milestones page stores all the data, history, and relevant information for all project milestones in one central location. The active milestone is indicated by the filled-in flag left of the Milestone Name. Design Phase is used to help communicate which phase of design the Milestone is related in. The order of the list is chronological with the Milestone Start Date controlling how the list appears here and on the cost trendline. A single click on the Milestone Name will open the Basics tab containing general information about the Milestone. The Estimate, Budget, and Gross Square Feet/Meters values are all hyperlinked to their respective tabs as well for each Milestone. Clicking the Milestone Report hyperlink will launch a Milestone Summary Report for each Milestone. A click on the Items (#) hyperlink will open the Items list with the Items tied to each Milestone.


In the Basics tab, you can update the Milestone Name, Milestone Start Date, Milestone Design Phase, Belongs To (Timeline phase), and Description. 

Tip: Type a URL into the Description field to create a hyperlink to a shared document location.


In the Metrics tab, you can assign quantities to each unit of measure for that milestone. Entering these quantities will allow you to evaluate the cost per unit for a variety of units on the dashboard and in reports

Tip: You can create a custom unit of measure if the one you want is not in our list of built-in units of measure.


In the Estimate tab, you can import, modify/adjust, and categorize your estimate and markups. The estimate, once uploaded, provides the background and perspective to the decisions that you are making in Join.


In the Budget tab, you can import, modify/adjust, and categorize your Budget and Markups to add additional value to your project. The Budget can help visualize a Target Value, compare it to a previous Milestone's cost, represent a secondary opinion of cost, etc. The Budget can be lump sum, pro-rata, or a full detailed budget estimate.


In the Attachments section, documents can be uploaded to share with the team. You can also link to a document management solution such as Autodesk, Procore, or Egnyte.