Navigating a Join Project

Learn how to quickly navigate in Join

Project Sidebar

The project sidebar provides a snapshot of the project at the current moment. At the top, there is the project name, active milestone, and project metrics. Below this is the units of measure where you can toggle through to see your project cost in different metrics, display costs where you can change how the markups are represented, and the current project cost summary. Below the project cost summary is the Item status chart. 

Navigation Bar


The Dashboard tab is a presentation layer that hosts three different charts that represent the Estimate, Items, and a combination of the two. These can be tailored to communicate specific portions of the project or look at the project as a whole from a higher-level view.


The Reports tab is where all the saved, shared, and built-in reports live. From here the reports can be shared through a URL link, opened in Join, or exported to PDFs and spreadsheets.


The Items tab is where all cost management ideas are located. This list can be grouped, sorted, and filtered to generate focused reports that can be saved and shared.


The Milestones tab is where the estimates, budgets, and milestone details are located. Store documents specific to individual milestones, set milestone metrics, and manage, import, and update estimates and budgets.


The Settings tab is where project details are interred, Custom Categorizations are created, and other project-wide settings are customized such as terminology, print headers, and email settings. To learn more about Settings click here.


The Team tab is where the project participants are managed. Set role permissions, assign/review roles, and send out invitations to the team.

New Item Button

The + New Item button is always located in the top right corner of the app. Create a new Item to share with the team at any time by clicking the + New Item button and entering the relevant information.


If questions arise while using the application, the Join Support team is just a click away. By clicking the support button you can quickly see what's new in Join, visit the Success Hub, email Join support, or access a list of keyboard shortcuts.

User Account Menu

Under the user account menu, the user profile can be edited and the user can log out of Join.


Note: If working on a report or estimate the navigation bar at the top of the screen will disappear from view but can be accessed by selecting the menu button in the upper left. This will launch a sidebar view where you can see the project status, Items, and navigation tabs.