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3. Tracking Ideas and  Opportunities

Getting Started for Project Admins

If you're creating projects in Join, here is everything you need to get your project up and running.

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Learning Objectives

Items in Join

Items are how Join allows you to track ideas to be explored or decisions to be made. Each Item has a set of information to make it easy to brainstorm, analyze, and review an Item. You can associate the costs of each idea against your WBS, track its status and history, collaborate and comment with the project team, or create mutually exclusive Items using Options 

Creating an Item

Turn your idea into an Item by adding a few pieces of basic information and optionally add accountability by tracking a due date and assignee.

Detailed Item View

Next, let's add some costs and relevant supporting information, collaborate with the team project team, or create mutually exclusive Options. 

Items List

Now we've got a few Items created you can sort, filter, and group your Items in the Items List as well as create dynamic or static reports of Item information.


2. Importing Baseline Estimates and Budgets 4. Visualizing Project Progress and Costs