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2. Importing Baseline Estimates and Budgets

Getting Started for Project Admins

If you're creating projects in Join, here is everything you need to get your project up and running.

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Learning Objectives

Milestones Overview

A Milestone is a significant point in time that occurs during preconstruction and typically coincides with the issuance of a new drawing set or updated cost information. In Join, Milestones allows you to keep track of project estimates and budgets, as well as specify any metrics or units of measure for summarizing costs.

Importing your Estimate data

Before you import your data into Join, you're going to want to understand how your current WBS will work with Join.

Exporting or Preparing your Estimate Data

Select the appropriate link below, based on where your estimate information is currently stored.

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Adding your Estimate Data

There are three methods for adding your estimate data to a Milestone in Join manual entry, copy and paste, or import from one of our supported estimating platforms.

Setting a Target Budget

Orient your teams around a goal by setting a target budget, either as a lump sum or prorating your estimate.


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