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6. Configuring Your Project and Inviting Your Team

Getting Started for Project Admins

If you're creating projects in Join, here is everything you need to get your project up and running.

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1. Navigating Join and
Creating a  Project

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2. Importing Baseline
Estimates and Budgets

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3. Tracking Ideas and  Opportunities

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4. Visualizing Project Progress and Costs

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5. Pivoting and Reporting
Cost Data

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6. Configuring Your Project and Inviting Your Team

Learning Objectives

Configuring your Project

Customize project settings, including terminology, currency, rounding display, and define your Categorizations and WBS.

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Inviting your Project Team

Now that your project is looking good and you know your way around. Let's get the rest of the project team invited.

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Roles and permissions

If needed, you can customize permissions, so the different roles on your project only see what you want them to see. But honestly, most projects stick with the default permissions.

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Previewing a User or Role

If you do customize permissions or just want to see what Join through the eyes of a particular role or user, as an Admin, you can preview their role and see what they would see, so you can be confident in inviting your project team.

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5. Pivoting and Reporting Cost Data