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  2. Getting Started with Join
  3. Getting Started for Design Team Members

4. Baseline Costs and Reporting

Getting Started for the Design Team

If you work for the Design Team, here is everything you need to get up and running with Join.

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1. Signing Up and Navigating Join

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2. Visualizing Project Progress and Costs

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3. Tracking Ideas and  Opportunities

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4. Baseline Costs and Reporting

Learning Objectives

Milestones Overview

A Milestone is a significant point in time that occurs during preconstruction and typically coincides with the issuance of a new drawing set or updated cost information. In Join, Milestones allows you to keep track of project estimates and budgets, as well as specify any metrics or units of measure for summarizing costs.

Reporting Overview

Understand how to access various built-in reports, as well as reports that have been shared with you by the project team.

Variance Report

Tell a story of how your project costs have progressed between two phases of the project and break that down by your WBS or Categorizations in Join.


3. Tracking Ideas and Opportunities