Milestone Estimate and Budget Import Overview

Learn about the various options for loading estimate and budget information into Join

Importing estimate and budget information into Join will be one of the first things to be done after creating a new project in Join. Updated estimate and budget data will also need to be imported as the project progresses and new Milestones are created.

The import process typically goes through two phases:

  1. Exporting or preparing your estimate data, Join offers several options for this:
    1. Exporting your DESTINI Estimator estimate
    2. Exporting your Sage Estimating estimate
    3. Exporting your WinEst estimate
    4. Spreadsheet or other estimating solution
    5. Copying an existing Milestone Estimate or Budget
  1. Importing and publishing your estimate

Next Step: Once your cost data is in Join it is time to add some Items. New to Items? Check out the Items overview.