Correcting Milestone Estimate or Budget errors

After uploading your estimate, you may notice an error message on the column header or headers of your estimate or budget. This means that the category you’ve imported doesn’t exist in Join. If this happens on either the Uniformat or MasterFormat column, you’ll need to correct the error by finding another code that best matches what you’ve imported. The best practice is to correct these errors in bulk. Click the red error number in the header, click the options button (vertical ellipses), click the first row of the menu indicating the number of errors, and correct each category to find an alternative (see screenshot below).

If you encounter this error on a custom category, you can simply add the categorizations to the category since custom categories are editable (see screenshot below)

Tip: If you find that imported Uniformat and MasterFormat contain more errors than can reasonably be corrected in a timely manner, you can import those codes as Customer Categories. Watch the video on creating Custom Categories in our Help Center.