Standard Categorizations

Ensure adoption of company Categorization standards on all Join projects

Company administrators can create a customized set of standard Categorizations that will be included as default Categorizations on all new company projects and can be retroactively applied to existing projects.

  Available only to Company Administrators

Benefits of Standardized Categorizations

  • Consistency across projects: Standard categorizations will help with the organization of data, which provides consistency internally to other project stakeholders that desire a standardized way of viewing information.
  • Streamlined project setup: Since standard Categorizations are automatically included on all new projects, this will reduce the amount of time it takes to get up and running. You can also include them in your company's project template.
  • Fewer import errors: When you use the work breakdown structures used in your estimating platform to create your standard categorizations, all of your codes should match when importing, resulting in fewer errors.
  • Comparing historical data: Utilizing consistent categorizations across all projects will make it simple to align costs when creating a Project Comparisons report.

Creating Standard Categorizations

To create a standard Categorization for your company:

    1. Navigate to the  Projects List, by clicking the Join icon in the top left
    2. Click the Admin tab in the top navigation bar
    3. Click the Standards subtab
    4. Click the Categorizations section
    5. Click the + Create Categorization button
    6.  Enter the Name of the Categorization
    7. Enter a Description for the Categorization (optional) 
    8. Add Categories to the Categorization by importing a list, or creating them manually
    9. Once the Categories are added click the Create button

Tip: If you're creating the Categorization manually, you can copy-paste values into the table to save time.