Searching in Join

Quickly search across Join to find the data you're looking for.

You have spent much time and effort entering data into Join across all your projects. Learn the best ways to explore and search that data, whether it's looking for a specific project or exploring past Items to spark ideas on your next project. Here are all the places you can search:

Searching From the Navigation Bar

Using the Search button in the top left of the Join navigation bar, you can search globally across all your company's projects or Items. This global search option is always available, even when you're in a project. Start by clicking the Search button, select either ProjectsItems, or Items in this Project (the third option is only available when you're in a project) depending on what you're looking for, and then type in your keyword in the search field. You will be presented with a short list of results that you can click to navigate directly to that project or Item. If you'd like to see the full list of search results, click the hyperlink at the bottom of the results that says See # projects/items.

Tip: In the full list of search results, click the Details button on the right to open the Item Sidebar and explore the details without navigating away from the search results.

Searching From the Projects Tab

Searching from the Projects tab is similar to the global search in that you can search projects or Items by making your selection using the drop-down menu on the far left. The main advantage of searching from here is that you can filter the results using any of the filters on the top right and you can choose to search across projects you have access to or across all of your company's projects. 

Searching the Items List

When you are on the Items tab of a project, you can use the search bar to search through all of the Items on that project. Try searching for an Item name, number, assignee, due date, etc.

Searching From the Forecasting Tab (Included in Join Forecasting)

Searching from the Forecasting tab is the same process as searching from the Projects tab and it is done from the Explore sub-tab. The main difference here is that you have the option to select which projects you would like to add to a Projects Comparisons report by clicking the + Add to compare button on the right.