Copy-Paste an Estimate into Join

Learn how to copy-paste an estimate into Join

If you’re not using Sage Estimating, WinEst, or DESTINI Estimator, or if you prefer to use a spreadsheet to generate your estimate, you can easily copy-paste your estimate into Join. The copy-paste method works best when the estimate data source is organized without any WBS grouping, and no additional value engineering items or markups have been included. 

  1. Click the Milestones tab in the top navigation bar
  2. Create a new Milestone or select an existing one
  3. Click the Estimate or Budget tab, depending on which one you will be adding data to
  4. Click the New Estimate button
  5. If needed, add your Custom Categorization column to the table using the header menu
  6. Match the categorization column order in Join to the order of the columns in your estimate data source
  7. Select your estimate data in your data source (don’t select the column headings)
  8. Copy the data using Ctrl+C
  9. Back in Join, select the first cell of the data table
  10. Paste the data into Join using Ctrl+V
  11. Correct any category errors that result from the import
  12. Add any Markups required for the estimate
  13. Click the Publish button in the top right corner
  14. Click Ok in the Publish new estimate dialog box

Tip: Tables in Join support common commands found in Excel. See the article on keyboard shortcuts to learn more. You can also set up a template to drag and drop your estimate and markups into Join.