Copy-Paste an Estimate into Join

Learn how to copy-paste an estimate into Join

If you’re not using Sage Estimating, WinEst, or DESTINI Estimator, or if you prefer to use a spreadsheet to generate your estimate, you can still easily copy-paste your estimate into Join. Join works best with flat estimates on a single sheet and where any value engineering items or markups have been removed. 

  1. Navigate to the Milestones page
  2. Select the Milestone you want to add the estimate to or create a new one
  3. Select Start Blank Draft
  4. If needed, add your Custom Category column to the estimate table via the header menu ellipses 
  5. In your estimate spreadsheet, match your column order to the category columns you have set up in Join
  6. Select your estimate data in your spreadsheet (don’t select the column headings)
  7. Copy the estimate by pressing Ctrl + C
  8. Back in Join, select the first cell in the first row of the data table
  9. Paste the estimate into Join by pressing Ctrl + V
  10. Correct any category errors that result from the import
  11. Add any Markups required for the estimate
  12. Select Publish

Tip: Tables in Join support common commands found in Excel. See the article on keyboard shortcuts to learn more.

Next, you’ll want to do it all over again, but this time for your budget, starting at step 3. Adding a budget to Join is helpful if you’d like to visualize a target in Join. Adding the budget adds additional graphics to the cost trendline and estimate graph to show how you are trending towards the project’s goal.

Congratulations, you’ve added your estimate (and your budget?)! Now you’re ready to add Items. To learn more about Items, check out this article.