Accessing Company Projects


Available only to Company Administrators

Company administrators get view-only access to all projects created by their employees

Accessing Company Owned Projects

From the Employees Details page

The Employee Details page will give you a list of projects to which the user has access. Selecting the name of a project will take you to that project in view-only mode. 

To locate the Employee Details page:

  1. Navigate to the Admin tab in Join
  2. Click the Employees tab
  3. Locate the employee you want to see more detailed information on
  4. Select their name

From the Projects list

Projects can also be accessed from the Projects list. To access the projects list, click the Join logo in the top left corner from anywhere in Join.

Tip: When accessing a project in view-only mode, a banner will be displayed at the top of the screen.

Adding yourself as an Administrator on the project

When viewing a project in view-only mode, you can make changes to the project by adding yourself as a Project Administrator by clicking the Add yourself as Project Administrator button on the view-only mode banner.