WinEst integration: how to import your estimate into Join

Export WinEst Estimating estimate information

Now you can easily transfer your detailed cost information from WinEst into Join! Export your latest project estimate, import those files into Join, and publish the new estimate to the rest of your team when it's ready. Here is a step-by-step on how to export your WinEst file.


Export a WinEst XML file

Step 1:

In WinEst, select Tools > Export Items > To XML File for Reports…

Step 2:

This window will open:


Step 3:

Click Browse… to open this window:

Step 4:

Save the file directly to a folder on your computer. Navigate to a drive where you will save the file. Navigate to the milestone or budget and upload the file following the prompts.

Destini Import Workflow


A few helpful hints:

  • Make sure to use the XML export from your Tools menu, rather than exporting a specific estimate view.

  • If you downloaded the file to a local folder on your computer, then you’re ready to import your estimate in Join. 
  • If you downloaded the file to your virtual machine, then move a copy to your local computer. Reach out to your IT department or Join if you need any help with this!