Keyboard shortcuts for data tables

The following list of keyboard shortcuts will work across any data tables in Join.

Navigation shortcuts


Action Keystrokes
Move to next cell to the right Tab
Move up/down/left/right Arrow keys
Move to the cell below (for cells with normal text content) Enter
Open/close a menu (for cells with a menu) Enter
Move to beginning of row Home
Move to beginning of table Ctrl + Home
Move to end of row End
Move to end of table Ctrl + End
Scroll to active cell Ctrl + Backspace


Editing shortcuts


Action Keystrokes
Enable editing in active ell F2
Clear contents of selected cell(s) Del, Backspace
Delete selected row(s) Ctrl + Alt + - 
Copy Ctrl + C
Cut Ctrl + X
Paste Ctrl + V
Select multiple cells

Shift + arrow keys (extends selection in arrow key direction)

Shift + click (extend selection to the end of the shift-clicked cell)

Click + drag

Select all Ctrl + A
Select column Ctrl + Space
Select row Shift + Space
Fill range Ctrl + Enter
Fill down Ctrl + D
Select right Ctrl + R