Item Sidebar

An at a glance view of your Item

To review an Item quickly, launch the Item Sidebar. Toggle through various properties, including General Info, Cost Impact, Schedule Impact, Categorizations, Attachments, and Comments and Edit History.

Where is the Item Sidebar available?

The Item Sidebar is available on the Items page, Milestone Summary Report, and other reports based on the Milestone Summary Report, such as the Items Cost Summary.

When hovering over an Item, click the Item Sidebar Open Sidebar button on the far right to expand the Item sidebar.

Sidebar Navigation


By clicking on the Options button in the Item Sidebar header, you can launch the Item into fullscreen or print the individual Item.

Item Navigation Buttons

Using the Previous Item and Next Item buttons in the footer of the Item sidebar, you can navigate to either the previous or next Item in the Items list. This function is similar to the arrows in the Item Details view.

Viewing Item Properties 

To open up another section of the Item Sidebar, click the header related to that section, this will expand the new selection and minimize the others.  

Tip: Use the left and right arrow keyboard shortcuts to easily navigate the Item Sidebar.

Sections of the Sidebar

General Info

Under general information, you will find the Item Number, Status, Name, Description, Assignee, Due Date, Milestone, and Event information. You can edit these details in the sidebar view. 

Cost Impact

Depending on your role and permissions, you can view a lump sum or detailed breakdown of the costs associated with the Item. You can also view/change the draws from Contingencies and Allowances for the Item.

Schedule Impact

View/change the Schedule Impact of an Item.


Depending on your role, you can change any category associated with the Item by clicking the drop-down list and selecting the applicable category.

Tip: This feature allows for making quick changes when viewing the Items in a milestone summary based report.


Add supplemental documents like sketches, product cut sheets, specifications, etc., to ensure all pertinent information is associated with this Item.

Comments and Edit History

Use Item comments to share ideas or ask questions so that Items contain all related conversations that otherwise would end up in disconnected email threads. If you’d like to get a teammate's attention, you can mention them by typing the @ symbol followed by their name. This will trigger both email and in-app notifications.

Note: For more information on Items, check out the Items Overview.