Where does Join fit?

If you’re new to Join, one of the first things that you’re probably wondering is where does Join fit in with your current workflow.

How does Join fit in with how you manage your project’s collaboration/communication meetings? How does Join integrate with your estimating products, value analysis, constructability logs, or bid management solutions?

Let’s start with the basics. Join doesn’t replace any of your takeoff or estimating products, BIM tools, or bid management solutions. But Join does replace email threads and phone calls, as well as your value analysis, constructability, and/or risk and opportunity spreadsheets. Join automatically provides everyone with real-time reports and graphics needed for an OAC meeting or a project stakeholder. 

Join is a collaborative platform that enables you to facilitate team collaboration, keeping your distributed project team better informed in multiple ways. For example, Items in Join help inform the design team about cost or constructability, resulting in better-informed design iterations. It also allows owners or owner representatives to keep their fingers on the pulse with 24/7 access and real-time updates to make timely decisions.

As new design iterations become available, they can be modeled by your VDC team for constructability analysis and then estimated in your estimating solution. You would then import the estimate into Join to allow the team to visualize this new Milestone data virtually or live in an OAC meeting.  Any unresolved Join Items from previous Milestones can be pulled forward into this new Milestone. This allows you to reassess these Items in light of the new Milestone information and add new Items to discuss and evaluate with the project team. 

Once a scope is completed, and all Join Items are resolved, you can group them into a bid package in your bid management solution allowing the precon team to focus on other unresolved Items in Join. This activity can carry over into project execution as your precon team manages any unresolved Items or scopes. Join also provides your project management or operations team valuable insights into the decision history of your project. 

All along the way, as a shared collaboration platform, Join saves everyone countless hours from not having to generate reports, manage spreadsheets, email threads, phone calls, etc. Best of all, everyone stays better informed on the current status of your project in Join.

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