What are Meetings in Join?

Meetings in Join are an additional tool that can be used to group and sort Items. Meetings tie Items together to a specific date and can allow quick filtering of the Items list to the associated Items.

How can Meetings be utilized?

The Meetings section can be used either proactively or retroactively. Proactively you can assign the Items that are targeted for a particular meeting and filter the Items list using the meeting drop-down at the top of the Items Page. Retroactively the Items can be assigned back to meetings that happened to help collate information surrounding groups of Items. Meeting assignments can be updated from the Item Sidebar or from the detailed Item view. 

Steps to Create a Meeting

  1. Click the  Milestones tab in the top navigation bar
  2. Click the name of the Milestone you want the meeting associated with
  3. Click the Basics tab
  4. Type the name of the Meeting on the Decision Timeline
  5. Select the date associated with the Meeting

Note: From here you can either assign new Items to meetings as they are created or navigate to the Items list and assign existing Items to meetings.

Assign a New Item to a Meeting

  1. Click the + New Item button in the top navigation bar
  2. Select the meeting from the Meeting drop-down list

Warning: Items can only be assigned to one meeting at a time. If the meeting is changed that will be recorded in the Item Change History. 

Assign an Existing Item to a Meeting

  1. Click the  Items tab in the top navigation bar
  2. Expand the Item Sidebar for the Item that you want to assign to a meeting
  3. Select the meeting from the Meeting drop-down list

Note: This can also be done in the detailed Item view.