[Webinar] Now is the time to invest in precon collaboration

Webinar description:

This webinar will cover the evolving impacts and dynamics of the industry-wide shift to collaborative project delivery methods, and how the Join platform is addressing this new market reality.

Most software technology for General Contractors, Owners, and Designers was created around the traditional Design-Bid-Build project delivery cycle. But we've all moved to more fluid and iterative project delivery processes such as Design-Build and CMAR projects. When coupled with the increased demand for more virtual/remote project team interactions going forward, it's critical that you re-evaluate how technology can enable you to better integrate, collaborate, and build.

Join is the first online platform focused on the decision-making dynamics of collaborative project delivery methods. Used by General Contractors, Owners, and Designers to log, track, and evaluate all the what-if scenarios that every project explores, the Join platform provides a modern framework to support your investment in virtual precon collaboration.

Webinar objectives:

  • The importance of collaboration in preconstruction
  • Where we’ve been and where we’re going
  • Join: collaborative decision-making
  • Impact of current market conditions