Project Timeline

Create a high-level Timeline schedule to keep all project stakeholders on task and aware of upcoming activities.

Timeline, Items Due, and List Views

When you navigate to the Timeline tab within a project, you will see a timeline, an Items Due chart, and a list view of your scheduled activities.

Tip: You can zoom into a section of the Timeline by:

  1. Clicking and dragging the crosshairs over the Timeline
  2. Using the sliders on either side of the Timeline
  3. Clicking the Options button to the far right of an activity and selecting Zoom to

Timeline Activities

Types of Activities

There are three main types of activities in the Join Project Timeline:

  1. Phases - A span of time during the project where other activities occur. Phases, Milestones, and Events can all belong to a Phase. Examples include: Procurement, Preconstruction, Construction, etc.
  2. Milestones - A significant point in time that occurs during the project, typically coinciding with a new issuance of contract documents. Milestones can belong to a Phase, and Items can be assigned to Milestones. Examples include: Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents, GMP, etc.
  3. Events - A significant event in the project schedule that is important to be aware of or track. Events can belong to a Phase, and Items can be assigned to Events. Examples include: Proposal Due Date, Notice to Proceed, Turnover Date, Meetings, etc.

Note: If you have an existing project that utilized the Meetings feature, all of your existing meetings have been converted to Events.

Creating Activities

To create a new activity on your project, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Timeline tab
  2. Click the + New Activity button
  3. Fill out all of the fields
    1. Name - Name of the activity
    2. Type - Select either Phase or Event
    3. Start Date - Start date of the activity
    4. End Date - End date of the activity (only applies to Phases)
    5. Belongs to Timeline Phase - Sets the relationship between activities
  4. Check the Create another Activity checkbox if you want to create additional activities without closing this window
  5. Click either the Create button

Note: Milestones are created on the Milestones tab. On the Basics sub-tab of a Milestone, you can select which Timeline Phase a Milestone belongs to.

Editing Activities

To edit an existing activity, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Timeline tab
  2. To the far right of an activity in the activities list, click the Options button and select Edit
  3. Make your changes to the activity
  4. Click the Save button

Caution: There is no dependency logic built in, so when editing the date of one activity, related activities will need to be adjusted manually.

Items Due Chart

Between the Timeline and list view, there is a chart that shows the count of Items with a due date in each time period. This is a great way to track which Items are past due (red), which ones are upcoming (yellow), and which ones have already had a decision made (grey). Hovering over a bar will give you a summary of the Items in that time period, and clicking the hyperlink will take you to the Items List filtered for that time period.