Project Templates

Quickly create new projects from project templates

Project Templates can help ensure consistency across your company, save time creating new projects, and reduce the risk of errors and oversights that can occur when building a project from scratch. Additionally, templates can offer a starting point for those who are new to Join and provide a framework for collaboration.

Creating a Project Template

Company Administrators can create, edit, duplicate, publish, and unpublish Project Templates. These tasks are accomplished under Admin> Standards> Project Templates. Setting up a Project Template is the same process as creating a project from scratch in Join. 

We recommend setting up:

Caution: Settings that are not carried over with a Project Template include: project name, status, notification settings, display costs mode, and unsaved chart/report view settings

Creating a New Project From a Template

Once your templates have been published anyone in your company can create a new project from a published template. Create a new project by clicking the + New Project button and select either from either a blank project or a list of Project Templates.

Note: Changes made to published templates will not affect existing projects that have been generated from that template.