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Email Template: Owner

Looking to use Join with your Owner? Use this email template to let them know what Join is and how it will benefit them.

Hi [Owner Name],

In an effort to provide you more visibility into how a project is tracking towards our project objectives, we have decided to implement a new preconstruction intelligence platform, Join.

Join is used by contractors, designers, owners, and suppliers on any project type, delivery method, or project phase. Whether optimization for building decisions happens as an explicit value engineering phase or as an ongoing part of design and preconstruction collaboration, Join facilitates key project decisions and logs conversations all in one place to reduce mistakes and keep everyone on the same page.

As we move forward with Join together, there are a few initial steps that we'd like you to take in order to utilize Join.

  • Accept your Join project invite - You'll shortly receive an invite to our Join project from support@join.build. Follow the Get Started link and follow the instructions to create your account.
  • Get familiar with Join - Join has created a Getting Started for Owners guide, please allow 30 mins to follow the guide. It is delivered through a combination of written and video content.

We hope you will support our efforts to utilize Join on this project encourage our other project partners to use the platform.

If you have any additional questions, I'm here to help. And you can always reach the Join Technical Support team via their Success Hub