4. Launch your first Projects in Join!

Make every project a success with your Join Project Quickstart Guide

Get your project started right with ourJoin Project Quickstart Guide. This plan walks you through the steps necessary to quickly get your project created and populated with data, as well as how to communicate with your extended project team about why you're using Join and all the benefits they'll get from using Join too. 

Tip: Make sure you involve your Join Champions as you set up your first projects. They'll be able to answer any product or workflow questions that might come up.

There is a lot of power and flexibility in Join to accommodate projects of any level of complexity. In fact, Join has been used on project types ranging from simple multi-family housing projects to hospital renovations and industrial waste-water treatment plants.

It’s always a good time to get started in Join. Get started in Join at any phase of the project. Many projects start as early as pursuit, but Join also comes to the rescue in the construction document phase to help organize and simplify the complexities that arise as a project is team is trying to get costs under control.

Regardless of when you start, one of the biggest contributors to a successful project outcome is ensuring your entire project team participates and understands their role.

Your Join Project Quickstart Guide can help tackle any of these scenarios and set you up for success.