1. Define your Join Team and goals for using Join

Define your Join Team and Join Champions, set goals for using Join, and identify your first projects in your Join Onboarding Plan

Identify your Join Team

Your Join Team are the key people that will be working together to make sure your organization is able to quickly get value with Join. Your Join Team includes:

  • Join Executive Sponsor -Someone who has a vested interest in seeing Join successfully rolled out across your organization, but may not be involved in the day-to-day activities of the onboarding. You'll typically only have one or two Executive Sponsors, and they'll be responsible for encouraging the use of Join across your entire organization.
  • Join Lead - Your Join Lead will have the responsibility for moving the onboarding process forward and have the authority to make decisions on how Join will be used and implemented within your organization. Join Leads are the primary points of contact with Join during the onboarding process, so you'll probably only have one or two Join Leads on the team. Leads will work closely with your Join Champions to make them successful and accountable, 
  • Join Champion - A Join Champion is someone that will be actively using Join in their role within your organization and is often sought out as a mentor by your team.  Champions are responsible for actively participating in the onboarding process and encouraging the use of Join for your projects. They'll be the main internal resource for training questions from within your organization and will help escalate any issues or feedback to Join. For this reason, it's important to have one or more champions for each office that is participating in your Join rollout. 

Your Join Champions are fundamental to success with Join

Success with Join begins by empowering your Join Champions so they're able to couple their industry knowledge with Join expertise to communicate the potential of Join to your organization. Working together with Join resources, they're the catalysts for growth and sustained Join usage to meet and exceed all your strategic and project goals. 

What's it take to be a Join Champion? Read this article to find out more!

Complete your Join Welcome Form

You will be sent a custom link from your Account Manager to identify the key members of your Join Team as well as the initial set of projects that will be using Join. Once complete, your Join Account Manager will schedule an onboarding kickoff meeting with your Join Team. The purpose of this meeting is to set expectations for the Join Champions and plan the next steps for your initial Join projects.