5. Congratulations! You've finished onboarding with Join. Now what?

Let's keep the party going with these tips for ongoing success with Join

We hear a lot of great ideas from teams about what's made them successful with Join after they've completed their onboarding. Here are a few of them to keep in mind as you complete your onboarding. If you've got other good tips that you've found helpful, pass them along to us!

  1. Empower your Join Champions
    Give your Join Champions the bandwidth to succeed. While it won’t be a full-time responsibility, making it a clear part of their job rather than a side project will ensure they have time to ensure success on every project.
  2. Run Project Kickoff Workshops
    Start projects off on the right foot with a live workshop and ensure the project admins know your company standards and have the skills and tools to get all their data into Join.
  3. Standardize your WBS and Categories
    If you don’t have one already, now is a great time to establish a standardized work breakdown structure and category list. While each project may have unique project needs, having a set of predefined categories that are ready to use can make setting up your estimate in Join even smoother and ensures consistency.
  4. Establish a Feedback Loop
    Set up a regular cadence with your Join Team to review your adoption progress. Having a space to share wins, thoughts, ideas, and struggles is key to adoption. Crowdsource solutions with your Join Champions and don’t forget that Join has your back if you need help!
  5. Continue to check out the Join Success Hub
    Join provides an ever-growing set of resources, including helpful articles and educational videos, enabling everyone to find their way around Join and overcome any challenges they may run into. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, contact our Technical Support team directly or from within the Success Hub.