Managing Employees in Join

Available only to Company Administrators

Company Administrators can manage employees within their company by changing their roles, deactivating their accounts, and inviting new users.

Adding an Employee

You can add a new employee to your company in Join and assign them a role and any relevant project permissions. 

To add a new employee, follow these steps:

  1. Click Company Settings in the navigation bar.
  2. Click the Employees tab.
  3. Click the + New Employee button at the top.
  4. Enter the user's email address and other relevant information, such as name or job title.
  5. Select a Company Role for the user.
  6. If needed, add them to any projects and assign their Project Role. For additional projects, use the + Add Project button.
  7. Click the Add button to add the employee. They’ll receive an invite via email to sign-up for Join and join your company.

Viewing Employee Details

The Employee Details page displays the projects a user is invited to, and allows you to update their company role, adjust account profile details, or deactivate their account.

To access the employee details page, follow these steps:

  1. Click Company Settings in the navigation bar.
  2. Click the Employees tab.
  3. Click the name of the employee you want to see more detailed information about.

Note: You may see some of their projects listed as Non-company administrated project’s. These are projects created by users at another company that your employee has access to.

Resending an Employee Invite

If you need to prompt a user to accept their invite to Join, you can resend the invitation by clicking the Resend Invite button. 

If they aren’t receiving the invitation, they can follow this article to create their Join account.

Deactivating an Employee

Company administrators can block employees of your company from logging in to Join. You would typically use this when a user leaves your company.

To deactivate an Employee, follow the below steps:

  1. Navigate to the Employee details page for the user.
  2. Click the Status dropdown in the top right.
  3. Select Deactivated.

Employee Statuses

  • Active - User has access to Join and the projects they are permissioned for.

  • Pending - User has been invited to Join but has not signed up.

  • Deactivated - User has no access to Join. Login is blocked.

Company Roles

Depending on what products your company has access to in Join, you will see a combination of these roles. For example, if your company does not have access to Forecasting, the Manager role will not be displayed.

By default, users are granted the Basic role. Applying a different role will grant access as outlined in the table below and can be set. 

Company Role





Join Core





Join Forecasting





Join Insights




Company Settings



Note: As a company administrator, you cannot change your own role.