Join Project Quickstart Guide

Want to use Join on a new project? Here’s how to get started.

Project onboarding and setup are crucial to the success of the project team. No pressure, right? Luckily, this guide has everything you need to make sure every new project is set up for success quickly and easily.

What does project onboarding look like?

Put simply, it's setting up and configuring Join to be used on a project. It also means ensuring that the entire project team, including project partners, knows what is expected of them. It's showing them how and when to use Join. Here are the key components:

  1. Creating and configuring your project
  2. Adding an initial set of project data
  3. Getting your project admins up to speed with running a project in Join
  4. Letting the  Owner know why you're using Join and garner their support
  5. Educating the rest of your internal project team on how to get started with Join
  6. Communicating expectations on the use of Join to the entire project team

Tip: Join Champions have found success by running workshops to configure the project, import an initial set of data, and get project admins up to speed. Interested in running a workshop? You can use our Project Workshop Template as a guide