Tracking Schedule Impact

Schedule Impact in Join communicates the impact a decision has on the project schedule.

Include schedule impact as part of an Item to give the project team additional insight into the potential impact of any decision. An item or decision's impact from a duration or scheduling perspective is crucial information, and it must be balanced against cost savings and other essential aspects of the item or decision. This piece of information provides a more complete picture of the overall impact of a decision. 

This article covers:

  • Adding schedule impact to an Item
  • Visualizing schedule impact on the Items List

Adding Schedule Impact

To track a schedule impact against an Item or Option:

  1. Navigate to the Item detail screen
  2. Expand the Schedule Impact section, and select Schedule Impacted from the drop-down
  3. Enter the schedule impact in days, either positive or negative
  4. Click the Critical Path checkbox, if this decision impacts the critical path of the project

Tip: If there is no schedule impact, select None / Not Applicable.

Visualizing Schedule Impact

The Items list can be grouped or filtered by schedule impact. When filtering, you can choose to filter to any combination of schedule increases or decreases, critical or non-critical path, where there is no schedule impact or where impact is yet to be determined.