In-App Notifications

Stay up to date on all your projects with in-app notifications🔔

In-application notifications will help keep you aware of comments and changes in responsibility. You can choose to view notifications for all your projects or just the project you are currently working in.

Notifications Menu

Notifications are located in the upper right of any screen in Join with the Notifications icon. Unread notifications will be displayed with a green dot on the right side with the text in bold. A single click on the Item name will take you to the Item and remove the green dot (marking the notification as read). If you want to keep a notification as unread, hover over the notification and click the circle on the right-hand side. 

The notifications list can be filtered to unread only or all notifications by using these buttons. Notifications will appear in the list in chronological order.

When you view notifications in a project, you can filter the list by the project that you are viewing. 

Notification Types

Project Invitations - When someone is invited to a project they will receive a notification for that invitation. Similarly, there will be a notification for being removed from a project. 

New Items and Options - When a new Item is added to the project there will be a notification indicating the Item name, number, who added the Item along with when it was added.  This will also happen when Items add options. 

Item Assignments - When someone is assigned to an Item this will generate a new notification indicated with the clipboard and arrow symbol. 

Item Comment (Without @mention) - When someone comments on an Item that is broadcast to the project team with a New Comment Notification

Item Comments (With @mentions) - @mentions in comments will trigger a notification to the subject of the @mention along with an email where they can respond or follow the hyperlink to open up the Item. 

Notifications Settings

To change your notification settings navigate to the Settings tab in the top navigation bar and scroll down to the Notifications section. You can also navigate there by clicking the Settings icon in the Notifications menu.