Importing data from your Spreadsheets


Data tables are used in Join for information that is organized into columns and rows. 

Similar to any other spreadsheet, there are a few ways to copy data for these data tables. You can either copy a single cell or multiple rows & columns of data from:

  1. Another source (like Excel).
    • This could be Excel, another spreadsheet format, or any tabular data  from an estimating platform
    • Helpful tip: organize your columns in your source to match what you see in Join for easy transferring
  2. Another data table in Join


See this in action for an example milestone estimate table:

More info

Copying and pasting a range of data is not yet available in a few specific tables. Here is where you can do this right now:

Tables where range copy/paste is available: 

  • Item estimate tables
  • Milestone estimate tables
  • Milestone target budget table
  • Category tables (when you create a custom set of categories for a project)

Tables where range copy/paste is not yet available: 

  • Markups tables
  • Editing a category tables (for now, you can edit existing custom categories one at a time)