Working With Items Without Affecting the Cost Trendline

Sometimes there's a need to draft an Item prior to it affecting the Cost Trendline or appearing on reports. An example would be working on a complex Item, such as reducing the structure by a level, and working on the estimate for an extended period of time before it is ready for review.

To accomplish this there's a Not Applicable status that allows the Item to be worked on prior to it being included in the Cost Trendline. The changes to the Item are still tracked in the Item Change History but not reflected as changes on the trendline. Once the Item is ready to be added to the trendline, change the status to Pending. This will also allow the Items to be filtered out from reports according to the status to eliminate confusion and help focus on decision-making.


  1. Generate an Item using the + New Item button
  2. Enter the name of the Item
  3. Create the Item and Close the Create New Item window
  4. Open the Item and change the status to Not Applicable
  5. From here you can work on the Item without it changing the Cost Trendline but it will still track the changes in the Item Change History
  6. Once the Item is ready, change the status to Pending

Tip: Create a report of these drafted Items and save it in My Reports to quickly focus on what Items still need further information or refinement to be shared with the team as potential decisions.