Prorating a Budget from an Existing Estimate

A pro-rata budget allows you to see the proportional comparison between the current estimated cost and a target budget

Create a pro-rata Budget in Join following the steps below:
  1. Click the Milestones tab in the top navigation bar
  2. Click the name of the Milestone
  3. Click the Budget tab
  4. Click the Copy from... button
  5. Select the current milestone you're working on and select the Estimate as the value.
  6. Click the Next button
  7. Switch the cost breakdown to Enter Totals only using the toggle shown below. Doing this will delete the Unit Pricing or Cost Type data
  8. Switch back to the Enter Quantity, Unit, Unit Price cost breakdown using the same toggle. This will reset the Quantity column to 1.
  9. Each line in the Budget can now be increased or decreased by utilizing Quantity as a factor. Please take a look at the example below. You can use the filter tool to target specific areas for the project to create a more realistic pro-rata Budget.
  10. Review your Markups and determine if they need to be scaled.  The percentage Markups will adjust automatically but Lump Sums will not and may need to be adjusted.
  11. Finally, click the Publish button to publish the prorated Budget.

Note: For more information on the benefits of creating a Budget, read The Importance of a Milestone Budget article.