Hide Events from the Cost Trendline

Learn how to show or hide peaks and valleys

Throughout a project, your Cost Trendline might develop peaks and valleys from changes in Item or Milestone data that you wish to hide. These changes may happen from accidental changes of Item status or deletion of Items and changes to a Milestone Estimate or Budget. These slight, often unintentional, changes can distract from the story of your project, so we allow you to hide these events and present a smooth trendline to the project team.

Hiding Cost Trendline Events

Project administrators can hide cost events on the trendline for a specific Milestone or the detailed All Milestones view.

  • Click the pencil icon at the top of the Cost Trendline chart
  • In the Hide Events window, choose which cost events you want to hide by clicking on the eye icon
  • To make it easier to locate the correct event, you can select a specific cost event in the trendline chart, and the appropriate cost event will be highlighted in the list below
  • Once your trendline is to your liking, click the Done Editing button

Tip: To fix an unwanted event that cannot be remedied with the Hide Event tool, consider recreating the item and deleting the original.