⨐ Formulas in Join

Join allows you to perform calculations by entering a formula in a Join data grid, such as the Milestone Estimate and Budget and Items. Formulas can be added to any editable numerical cell, such as unit price or quantity. 

Creating a Formula

  • Double-click a numerical value cell
  • Press the equal sign =
  • Enter the formula you want to calculate e.g. 2*5
  • Press Enter
  • The result of the calculation will appear in the cell

Note: Cells containing formulas will display an underlined value.

Referencing Other Cells

Within a formula, you can reference numerical cells in other columns and rows within the same table using the following syntax [Line Number].[Column]. e.g. L10.Quantity

If using the detailed cost type breakdown, you can reference cells under each cost breakdown by including the breakdown name. e.g. L10.Material.Unit Price

Caution: Column references should include spaces for column names such as "Unit Price". 

Caution: Row references are case-sensitive but column references are not. Use "L10", not "l10" for row references. Use either "Quantity" or "quantity" for column references.

Supported Operations

Arithmetic Operators



+ (plus sign)



– (minus sign)





* (asterisk)



/ (forward slash)



% (percent sign)



^ (caret)



Correcting Errors in Formulas

If your formula isn’t accepted or contains an error, you will see an Error icon in the cell, hover over this icon to get a detailed explanation of the error.