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Join for the Design Team

The decision-making platform for the built environment

Join is a web-based collaboration platform that addresses the multidisciplinary nature of AEC decision-making. With real-time, detailed insight into cost and a visual interface, Join empowers OAC teams to deliver in today’s dynamic market while maintaining the design vision and meeting the project budget.

Why use Join…

  • Visual Real-Time Updates - Quick and digestible project status updates and real-time reports reflect the impact of decisions immediately in the context of the project.
  • Decision History - Teams save time, build trust, and reduce risk with access to a log of project decisions.
  • Collaborative - Every team member has a seat at the digital table to communicate and collaborate.
  • All in one place - Teams can attach documents, link to shared files, chat in context, and display cost details in one shared platform, eliminating the need to dig through old emails and spreadsheets.

During this introductory video series, you will get an overview of the platform and learn how successful OAC teams collaborate in Join. By the end, you will be prepared to start collaborating on your first project. If you want to further sharpen your skills, tune in to the webinars, check out case studies, or the Join Success Hub.

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