Deleting a Milestone

How to delete a Milestone, when they can’t be deleted, and when you should delete a Milestone versus repurpose a Milestone

How to Delete a Milestone

To delete a Milestone follow the steps below:

  1. Click the  Milestones tab in the top navigation bar
  2. Click the name of the Milestone that needs to be deleted
  3. Click the Options button in the upper right corner of the window
  4. Select Delete this Milestone
  5. Confirm the deletion

Why can't I delete the Milestone?

There are a few situations when a Milestone can’t be deleted. 

  1. The Milestone is active - If the Milestone is the active Milestone it cannot be deleted until another Milestone is made active. This means that a Milestone can’t be deleted if it’s the only Milestone on the project. In this case, simply start a new Milestone and set it as active. Then you can delete the previous Milestone.
  2. There are Items associated with the Milestone - If Items are associated with a Milestone, you can’t delete the Milestone until the Items are unassociated. To do this, open the Item, in the Milestone section remove the Item from the milestone. If the current association is the Milestone that needs to be removed, transition the Item to the new Milestone first and then remove the association. To ensure that you have unassociated all of the Items, open the Milestone tab and check the Items column. If there are Items still associated with the Milestone select the Items hyperlink for that Milestone to generate the list of Items that need to be disassociated. 

When to Delete Versus Replace a Milestone

It is recommended that you create a new Milestone for a new estimate to eliminate potential confusion and use the replace estimate function for updates in the current Milestone to communicate the tracking of progression. You can repurpose Milestones by changing the name, date, estimates, budgets, and attachments. But this does not get rid of the history of the milestone in the detailed tracking of the cost trendline. As estimates and budgets are updated, the changes are tracked over time on the cost trendline to help communicate the narrative of progression through the project phases. When a Milestone is repurposed the history can become confusing or distracting.