Creating a Custom Report

The Dashboard, Items List, Category Trends Breakdown, Milestone Summary, and Variance can all be saved as a custom report.

Steps to Create a Custom Report

To save a new report follow these steps:

  1. Group, sort, and filter the view of the report how you want it saved
  2. Click the report  button in the upper right corner
  3. Select Create new report
  4. Name the report
  5. Add a description (optional)
  6. Choose to keep the report private or share it with the team
  7. Save the report

Tip: Add more detail to the report name such as the group and filter settings!

Items List

When saving a report from the Items List there is an additional drop-down list called Report Type. Selecting the Items List option will save the report with the ability to export to a spreadsheet or PDF with just a list of Items. Selecting the Items List & Details option will save the report with the ability to export to a PDF containing the Items List and a separate page with the details of each individual Item. Both report types can be exported from the Items page using the export button or the Reports page.

Note: These reports are real-time reflections of the project and will present new details such as decisions or cost changes as they pertain to the report settings.

For more details on the specific reports check out the Dashboard, Items List, Milestone Summary, and Variance.