Cost Breakdown Options in Join

Learn about the various ways Join allows you to breakdown your costs and how to switch between them

When entering direct costs in Join, you have several options for the level of detail you can break your costs down to. You may choose different levels of cost breakdown in Join based on the project phase, Owner requirement, or stakeholder needs. A Cost Breakdown can be applied to direct costs on Items along with the Milestone Estimates and Budgets. 

Switching between Cost Breakdowns

To switch between cost breakdown types, you can use the Cost Breakdown toggle in the top right corner of the Direct Costs section.

Warning: When switching to a cost breakdown that contains less detail than your current cost breakdown, the additional detail will be deleted.

Totals only

Allows you to enter a lump sum total for the Direct Cost

Quantity, unit, and unit price

Allows you to enter a quantity and unit price while automatically calculating the total. Entering a unit is optional but recommended.

Breakdown by cost type

Allows you to enter a single quantity value and specific unit costs for labor, equipment, material, subcontractor, other, and user. The total unit price and total are automatically calculated based on quantity and cost type unit prices. Entering a unit is optional but recommended.


Importing Cost Breakdown data

When importing your Milestone Estimate or Budget from any of our estimate platform integrations or via the Join Excel Template, you will have the option to select the level of cost breakdown you wish to import.