Copying an Item

Copy your Items from past projects into current projects or within the same project.

Copying an Item will retain the Item Name and Description, but you can update these along with the Status, Assignee, Due Date,  Milestone, and Events in step one of the copy process.  In step two, you can modify the categories assigned to the new Item to match the categories available in the destination project.  In step three, you can add or remove file attachments for the new Item.  Cost, Schedule Impact, and Contingencies/Allowances can be edited after creating the Item.

Copying an Item From Item Search

To copy an Item from the Item Search, follow these steps:

  1. On the Projects tab or Forecasting tab, select Items in the search drop-down
  2. Filter for the Item you want to copy (you can search with text and narrow it down with filters)
  3. Click an Item's Details button to the right of an Item
  4. Click the Copy Item button
  5. Continue to the Steps to Copy an Item section below

Copying an Item From the Item Details Page

To copy an Item from the Item Details Page, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Items list of a project
  2. Open the detailed Item view of the Item you want to copy
  3. Click the Options button and select Copy Item
  4. Continue to the Steps to Copy an Item section below

Steps to Copy an Item

  1. Select a Destination Project: Select the destination project to copy to.
  2. Edit General Info: Edit name, description, etc.
  3. Edit Item Categorizations: Select the categories to assign to the Item. This will autofill with categories that match (have the same category number for a categorization with the same name).
  4. Estimate Categorization Mapping: For transitioning between categorizations from one project to the next. (This step only appears if the Item you are copying has an estimate with categorization columns)
  5. Edit Item Attachments: File attachments will be included by default, but you can remove them or add new ones.

Note: The copied Item will default to a Draft Item.  Cost changes can be made in this draft state before publishing. Those cost changes will be displayed in the Draft Item History only.